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    how to connect an active directory group to one qlikview document

    Linda Monincx



      I have for each qlikview document an active directory group available which is automaticly updated with the correct users who needs and are allowed to access that specific qlikview document.


      Where do I need to set up this security, is this outside qlikview done on the properties of the qvw or is this something i can set up within qlikview (server) like using section access?


      can this be done wiht NTFS or is DMS required?


      As the active directory group is already maintaining the correct access to the right people I want it automated in qlikview server/qvw.


      I would like to have it in such a way that if someone logs in that they only see those qvw in the accesspoint where access is provided, so not seeing other qvw where there is no access granted for.


      Thanks for helping me out!


      Kind regards,


      Linda Monincx