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    Set Analysis 6 month comparison

      Hello all


      I am very new in the Qlickview world and I need to create a module to compare volumes of specific products for each clients charged every month and then to compare it with the last 6 months to see the variations. So the idea is using SET ANALYSIS:


      The scrip:


      Load [Business Type],

                [Billing Month],

               [Base Product Name],

                [Billing Party Name],

               [Global Product Name],

               [Regrouping Name],

               [Regrouping Name 2],

                [Subject to Invoice],

               [INVC CCY - Net Fee (Sum)],

              [Volume (Sum) as Volume


      The Dimension is the Billing party name because it as the names of the clients, the problem is the expressions, I need one to have the current month and the other months old 5 months and the diferent percentage in each month and a gauge advising if the variation is more or less 15%, Can sameone please help me.