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    Button Actions - Sequential Firing

      If I set up two actions on a button, is there a way I can stop the second action from firing until the first action is complete?


      The scenario I am working with is I have the first action actually opening a URL which will open an Excel file which is loaded into my QV app.  I then have a second action which inititates a re-load.  What I want to be able to do is add records to the Excel file, which will then be reloaded in the reload.  It appears when I do this the reload fires immediately and does not wait until I have added records to, saved, and closed the Excel file.




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          Rebecca Molstad

          Have you thought about using a macro to handle the reload portion?  For example, your button would load the document as it already does, then as a second action, run the macro:


          Sub Load()

          x=MsgBox("Click Ok to initiate reload",1,"Reload Document")

          if x=1 Then

          Exit Sub
          End If

          End Sub


          After the user saves his or her changes and clicks 'Ok', the document will reload.  If the user clicks 'Cancel' the reload will not occur.