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    QlikView Totaling

    Joshua Goldner



      I am not entirely sure how to pose this questions, but here goes nothing...


      I have a striaght table with a drilldown (Department -> Account) group as the dimension.  Each department is made up of a number of different accounts.  I have a very complex expression that totals the budget for each department.  This expression works optimally and accurately at the account level, however at the highest level, the numbers are completely off.  I switched the straight table to a pivot table, and was able to see all of the accounts within a specific department, as well as the budget total.  While all of the budget numbers are accurate for each account, the actual total of those numbers for the department are way off.  Essentially it is telling me that 2+2+2 = 100.  Has anybody encountered a situation where the expression totals differ from what the actual totals of the rows should be?


      Hope this makes sense..