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    how to combine different table

    steve peroni

      Dear all,

      I' ve to combine data from different tables in this way:


      First table: masterdata

      SupplieCode     Name

      123                    AAA

      456                    BBB


      Second tabel: purchase orders

      SupplierCode     OrderNr.

      123                    PO-111

      456                    PO-A1


      Third Tabel: Purchase receivals

      SupplierCode     DocumentNr.

      123                    RC-222

      789                    RC-333


      I've to provide a list of all suppliers starting from masterdata,  with orders and receivals, but it's possible to have good receivals without orders or

      purchase orders without receivals. For example, the supplier code 789, doesn't have any purchase order, but it's into a receival transaction, and I must

      list him.


      Is it possible ?


      Thanks in advance for your help