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    Sum Last Year with specific Date


      I have a table like this:

      - TableTransaction (DateTrans, Total)

      - TableWeekCY (Year, Week, DateTransCY)

      - TableWeekLY (Year, Week, DateTransLY)


      Example, I have a data like this:

      20124009/04/2012 - 09/10/201209/06/2011 - 09/12/2011


      I want to display Sum(Total) in 2 column, that is Total for CY and LY based on Current Selection (Year and Week). How do the Expression if I made it on the pivot table?


      The Output is like this:




      I norm the table into like this:

      - TableWeekCY (Year & '-' & Week as CodeWeekCY, DateTransCY as DateTrans)

      - TableWeekLY (Year & '-' & Week as CodeWeekLY, DateTransLY as DateTrans)


      Thank you.