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    % of Total Calculation

      Hi all,


      I am still relatively new to QV so bear with me! Set up a pivot tables based mostly on Product and month. Product is the row and month total sales is each column (has to be set up this way - for now).


      Line 1:

      PRODUCT     JAN     FEB     MAR...     YTD

      Product A     $10     $20     $17 etc through December and YTD


      After the YTD column there should be a % of Total column. I would like this to do Product A / Total Revenue on Line 1 (Product A), Product B / Total Revenue on Line 2, etc.


      Shouldn't be so hard to figure out, I wouldn't think! My challenge here is telling the expresion that Line 1 should only be Product A / Total, while Line 2 should be Product B / Total. A very basic excel template is shown to protect product names.


      Hope that makes sense. Thank you very much!QV example.JPG