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    wildmatch function

    ali ceyli

      Hello ,


      I have a sql statement getting data from db

      İn load expression I want to get a conditional data seen below

      load *,

      if ( wildmatch(mdbadmin.rootcause.sym,'Altyapi*','*Altyapi','*Altyapi*'),'Altyapı',

      if ( wildmatch(mdbadmin.rootcause.sym,'Uygulama*','*Uygulama','*Uygulama*'),'Uygulama',

      if ( wildmatch(mdbadmin.rootcause.sym,'Planli Calisma*','*Planli Calisma','*Planli Calisma*'),'Planli Calisma'))) as KOKNEDEN


      sql :

      select ...




      mdbadmin.rootcause.sym as VardiyaRap_RootCause,


      but I have getten error fields not found