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    can't open my document with Personal Edition QVPE


      I have the Personal Edition installed QlikView 10 SR3 , on Vista PC 32bit but I can't use it.

      I created a new document and worked on it.

      I used it for some times, but after I was no longer able to open it as the error

      "Your installation of Qlikview has exceeded the maximum number......"

      Trying to solve the problem I uninstalled, I deleted all the registry entries 'qlikview' and 'qliktech' (as suggested in many forums), and re-installed.

      I did this at least 3 times, but it does not solve.

      I created a new document. But now, once created and saved, I can't re-open it, always the same error.

      Can someone help?

      Many thanks, Martina