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    sum latest (now with qvd and better formulated question..)

    Göran Hofstedt

      Hi again.

      Uploaded a question here about how to sum the order value but only for the latest order. Guess I did´t give such a good example.

      I have now tryed to create the basic data by a load inline and attache it below.


      The result I´m try to get is a sum for the ordervalues by customer but only for the latest orderstartdate. I want a totally sum for all customers but also the sum for each of the cusomers.. The orders start and end date can overlap but it´s only the latest startdate that should be counted.


      In the real datamodell the dates are linked to a mastercalendar. I need to be able to go back to a specific month and get the sum of the ordervalues for the orders that where "latest" that month.


      Any suggestion?