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    Make the following code for correlation work with missing points

      Hi community,


      The following is my code for determining correlation between 2 sets of points.  Do you know how I would get this expression to work when either one of the data points is missing for a dimension value?  It's the code for determining correlation between any two stocks and sometimes they arent traded on the same day and if this overlaps my selected time frame, I get no correlation line in the chart.



      (rangecorrel(above((sum({$<Ticker*=Ticker3>}[Adj. Close])/count({$<Ticker*=Ticker3>}[Adj. Close])/

      [Adj. Close])/count({$<Ticker*=Ticker3>}[Adj. Close]))-1),0,100),above((sum({$<Ticker*=Ticker2>}[Adj. Close])/count({$<Ticker*=Ticker2>}[Adj. Close])/

      [Adj. Close])/count({$<Ticker*=Ticker2>}[Adj. Close]))-1),0,100)))