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    Drilldown with different expressions on each click

      Hi there,


      I am brand new to QlikView and was hoping that someone would be able to help me on the following issue:


      I've started building a chart to show the following information as stacked bars:


      Scheduled Loss with expression SUM([Loss A]) + SUM ([Loss B])

      Unplanned Loss SUM([Loss C]) + SUM([Loss D])

      Net Production with expression SUM([Net Production])


      for each type of Equipment (the dimension)


      Now, I want to be able to drilldown such that if I click on Scheduled Loss for Equipment 1,


      I get a breakdown of the types of losses ie


      Loss A with expression SUM([Loss A])

      Loss B with SUM([Loss B])


      for Equipment A.


      Similarly, I aim to get such a breakdown for when I click and drilldown on Unplanned Loss.


      I have tried to use a cyclic group for sub-categories of Losses (A, B, C and D) and add that as a dimension after Equiment. I have also tried grouping expression from the first level together and from the second level together. The result just looks very messed up.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome