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    Export chart data to Excel to create graphs

    Claude Jakob


      when I extract data from a line chart with 2 or more lines (from QV) and copy/send that data to excel to re-do the graph, the exported data is in a format that cannot be handled easily. The export places x-axis information in one column, and all the line data in one and the same column.

      Is there an easy way to export QV chart information to excel in the way that each line data is placed in a separate column. Is this a matter of QV settings, excel macros or expression definition within the chart? I tried exporting data from charts from various demo applications and all gave the same data presentation.

      I appended one example (with data from a QV demo application) in the attached excel sheet. It shows the way QV inserts the data but also the way I would need the data.

      Thanks for any suggestions.