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    Scatter Chart (Bubble) with one dimension, two calculated and one standard expression

      Hi experts,


      I want to build a bubble charts using scatter chart option as I have only one dimension to show in the chart. Details are below:


      Dimension: Company


      Expressions to be shown: 1. Number of employees (Size of bubble)

                                             2. Utilization (% in X-Axis) - Calculated on the fly

                                             3. Cost per Hour ($ in Y-Axis) - Calculated on the fly


      I can see that I can define which metric should be assigned to X-axis, Y-Axis and Bubble size in advanced mode but there is no option to enter a formula in X and Y Axis. I cannot have these metrics pre-calculated and stored as columns in the data tables as these metrics are time dependent and many selections are available for the user to analyse this data like month, quarter, week etc. hence these metrics must be calculated at the runtime.


      Could you please let me know how I can get this implemented? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!