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    is this sentence about QlikView right ?



      i have read in the ElastiCube blog the following sentence
      about QlikView "It has been repeatedly described as “unique, patented
      associative technology” but, in fact, there is nothing “associative” about
      QlikView’s in-memory technology. QlikView uses a simple tabular data model,
      stored entirely in-memory, with basic token-based compression applied to it. In
      QlikView’s case, the word associative relates to the functionality of its user
      interface, not how the data model is physically stored. Associative databases
      are a completely different beast and have nothing in common with QlikView’s


      the article fine in the following link  " http://elasticube.blogspot.com/2010/09/in-memory-bi-is-not-future-its-past.html"

        and  I have read in QlikView concept and introduction whitepaper that :

      " QlikView then extracts the data and builds a powerful, associative database that enhances the way users work with the information"

      so does QlikView transfer the data to an associative database in the RAM and handle the data model as associative database design or what ?



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          Henric Cronström

          The elasitcube description is fairly correct.


          The QlikView data model is relational, i.e. tabular. And, yes, associative databases are completely different beasts. The associative part of QlikView is in the user interface, how you work with the data. It is not in how QlikView internally stores data. If our marketing material talks about an "associative database", then it is a mistake that should be corrected.


          The QlikView techology is unique: No other tool that I know of uses color coding with group theory to display data so that the user can work in an associative way: Using any field as a starting point for a chain of selections; no drill-down paths that you have to follow (you can have them when it helps the user though); all calculations on the fly so that you aren't limited by what is pre-defined. A proficient user can add his own calculation in the user interface.


          Further, the type of join used (inner, outer, left, right) is determined by the user selection, so that it is contextual, to further support the user-driven associative experience.


          The QlikView associative experience is about letting the user be in charge, so that the user's train of though determines how the analysis is made.



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              In many times I have read in QlikView community and
              QlikView whitepapers that QlikView "has associative database technique "



              In fact I just finished writing a research about the
              advanced techniques which used by QlikView ( which I am personally interested
              in them) and in my research I depended that QlikView "has associative
              database technique "



              But now I must to research  again about the technique which used by
              QlikView to associate the data element values in the RAM in detail



              In fact I don’t know why QlikView used this sentence in their marketing material or
              community  or what they attend  by doing that