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      I was implementing security in my qvw app where i was able to set securtiy by SECTION ACCESS method .Whenever I am opening my qvw file its asking for User Id and Password .But full data is visible to each user.

      Now what i wanted was to set security on basis of user id's like restricting data on basis of users.

      How to do that?

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          Sree Anarasi

          Hi ,

          once u created the users  in section access u need to add the datafields on which reduction has to be done,

          then tie that data fields to  your datamodel, make sure u want to do either datalevel or row level or deocument level security. once its done then make sure to chek the opttions from document properties 

          1)stirict  exclusion

          2) binary

          3)....reduction based on section access ....


          then u have to reload the application and exit the app and try to login again..