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    how to use inputfields

      Hi everyone,


      I want to learn how to use the input field.


      I have a field called uretPlan which exists in 2 tables sonPlan and empOzet2(due to the join) and I would like to create a 3rd table where the field is an inputfield.


      Is this possible or should the inputfield be unique to the table it resides in? The code below doesn't give an error but it doesn't turn the uretPlan field into an input field.



                LOAD planGrup, date(date#(empTerminTarih2)) as empTerminTarih2, empMinOncelik1, empMinSipNo,empDesen,empMa_kod, empVaryant,/* uretPlan*/, planHafta from $(myPath)$(vSonPlan).csv (txt, delimiter is ',');


                Join(empOzet2) LOAD * Resident sonPlan;



                INPUTFIELD uretPlan;


                Load  uretPlan, * Resident empOzet2;


      I've also tried the following


      INPUTFIELD uretPlan2;


        Load 0 as uretPlan2, * Resident empOzet2;


      This time I see uretPlan2 as an input field but when I try to change the value of the field the table doesn't reload it gets stuck.




      Does anybody have an idea on how to fix this??