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    Overlap chart line

    ali ceyli

      İn my chart ,


      I have two expression

      one of them is quantity of request opening date more than 30 days : =Count({<ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2 = {"<=$(=Timestamp(Today() - 30, 'DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss'))"},ISTEK_DURUM={'Açık'}>} ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2) 1 aydan uzun süredir Açık İstek Adedi

      other expression is only quantity of requests : count(IF(ISTEK_DURUM='Açık',ISTEK_DURUM)) Açık İstek Adedi



      but in chart "açık istek adedi" (Blue one)expression is shown for only 30 days How can I make it show through all dates like red expression


      How can I seperate these two lines?