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    Multiple Set Analysis

      I am trying to pull through the sum of Cost for:


      • Quadrant (field), where the field shows "Acute"
      • Quadrant (field), where the field shows "Mental Health", but only where the Quadrant sub category (field) shows "Day Care" and "In Patients".


      I have used a set analysis wizard to create the script below, and QV tells me that the expression is ok, but the chart is showing "no data to display".




      =Money(Sum({1<Quadrant+={'Acute'},Quadrant+=P({1<Quadrant={$(=Mental Health)}>}Day Care)>}Cost))


      What am I doing wrong? Grateful for any advice please


      Many thanks



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          whiteline _

          What am I doing wrong?

          Using the set analysis wizard


          -In set analysis you can't use the fields more than one time in a set, you've used the Quadrant twice (think of this as using two listboxes simultaniously).

          -the $-sign expansion tries to evaluate the expression, but there is and error as Mental Health is used without quotes and it's not a field name.

          -Day Care is also used in a wrong way, since the using of P function assumes a field name, not the value.


          You could try this:

          =Sum({1<Quadrant={"Acute"}>+1<Quadrant={"Mental Health"}, QuadrantSubCategory={"In Patients","Day Care"}>} Cost)