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    Show sales and forecast data in the same line

      Hi there!!
      The idea is to show the sales amounts for the already past months and for the remaining months the sales forecast. I'm using this formula:
      if([Fiscal Period]<=cCurrFiscalPeriod,

      if(varCurrType = 'L',





      if(varCurrType = 'L',




      cCurrFiscalPeriod is the variable on which I have the current already closed month.
      My current issue about this way is the sum on the table. It seems the table is calculating only sales values or forecast values. Anyway, from 2012, periods 1, 2 and 3 has already past, so should be calculated only sales giving the right result, but I'm lost in this area.
      Here is the table I got folow the formula showed before.
      Fiscal Period123Total
      2012 Actual / Forecast 11+11629168816751202


      Thanks in advance for any guidance!


      PS: the varCurrType variable is just for showing local currency or dolars figures.