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    sum of integer dimension

      I had below mention expression in my earlier post and I was able to produce the result:


      sum(aggr(sum({<[Item Type] = {"D"}>}DocDiscount) * num(Sum({<[Item Type] = {"D"}>}[Sales Price]) / Sum({<[Item Type] = {"D"}>} total<LocationCode> [Sales Price]),'#.##0.00%'),Tran_Year,Tran_Month,VoucherNo, LocationCode,Stock_Code))


      But now In my another report I need to replace varchar dimenstion with below integer dimension.

      discount <> 0 AND PCS > 1


      So when I tryied to but I get error after <> sign


      So anyone look into that and tell me what is wrong and how to form new expression with above mention condition.