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    How to save a excel file with filename as current selection

    Akbar Jiwani



      I need help to save excel with Current Selection as file name. Also if there is nothing selected, it should save as default name


      I tried to setup a variable which will hold current selection value and use it in the macro but it doesn't work.


      Varialbe declared in Document Properties as:

      vSelection = (replace(GetCurrentSelections(),': ','_')


      and Macro is:


      set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vSelection")

      Selection = v.GetContent.String

      Path = "C:\qlikview\"

      FileName = Selection & "_Report" & ".xlsx"

      ActiveDocument.Sheets("REC Dashboard").Activate


      objExcelWorkbook.SaveAs Path & FileName

      MsgBox("File Saved Successfully in C:\qlikview\"+Selection+".xls")


      It works for a single fiield is selected. If I have more than one Field selected, it doesn't work because vSelection sends string in two lines