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    How do users access the qvw ,Once Publishers mails it to them ?

    Balraj Prabhu



      Though I  have dabbled with server,I'm new to publisher.


      My question is ,


      Lets say an oraganisation has 400 business users.After publisher reduces the document and mails the qvw  to the 400 users.


      1) How do the users access the qvw ? Do they have to have a licensed copy of  qlikview installed on the system in order to open it.Because trying to create 400 mounted folders..ie 1 folder for each user on the server doesnot make sense.


      So how do users access theses reduced document.Having 400 licensed copies of  Qlikview installed on 400  systems doesn't make sense to me,cos that would be very expensive .


      In my organisation we don't have publisher, so I deploy it on the server with different mounted foldeers for different groups , so that only users can access qvw belonging to they group.



      Could someone guide me in  the rt direction