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    Showing the data that with the higest count

    Dennis Hoogenboom

      Dear specialist.


      I got data of played songs and artists.


      Here is what I got:



      UTS           (=song ID)




      Dimension : Month


      Expressions :

      1. Count (Distinct UTS)

      2. MAX(aggr((Count (Distinct UTS)),Artist,Month))



      The first expression counts the number of song

      The second expression gives the count of the songs of the Artist with the most songs, that month.




                          1                         2                         3

      Jan          2362                         34                    U2

      Feb          3335                        78                    Prince




      So in this example U2 is played the most in Januari (34 times) and Prince (78 times) in Februari.


      What I want is an expression that returns (3) the name of the artist that has the highest count of songs in the straight/pivot table.