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    Listbox Selection

    Sibin Jacob.C C

      I have dimension table with one column named as  week_date.

      My fact containing productid,week_date week_value.

      In dimension table I have one date in all the 12 months.

      But I have only 8 months data in fact table.



      In my application I have one listbox and trend chart.

      In listbox I need to show all 12 months.But don't allow to select the months which do not have any data in fact table.

      and need to show those recods as gray.


      Is it possible ?



      Here I am attaching my application and excel files.



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          You could use a flag to determine the table that is fetching the month field.


          Supposing you already have twelve months data in the script which would appear in a single list box, it is not possible in QlikView to have a selection pattern where white values (read: months which have data) can be selected and gray values (read: months which do not have data) can be read-only in a single object.


          This is against how QlikView works .


          There is the option to set the listbox as read-only, but then all your fields irrespective of whether they have data or not will be read only - which is not what you want.


          However, you can just hide the months which do not have data. To do this,

          Go the list box properties--General tab and check the box for Hide Excluded.


          Optionally, you could use two separate list boxes for that purpose - one field showing only those months which have data and other field showing only those months which do not have data.


          Hope that helps.





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            In the list box use  =if(Week_Value>0,Week_Month) .

            Please also see the attached QV application.