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    Does set analysis work when calling a variable with dollar sign expansion?

      The following is my variable definition:



      When using expression A PrintX produces the correct result but with expression B it does not work.

      ie A gives a list of numbers except for numbers larger than 0.9 where it writes an X.

      Expression B gives null results.

      Expression C gives correct decimal numbers.


      A = $(PrintX(0.01* Count( distinct SalesID )))


      B =$(PrintX(Count( {$ < Status={"B","G","V"} >}
      distinct SalesID) /
      Count(distinct SalesID)))


      C =Count( {$ < Status={"B","G","V"} >} distinct SalesID)
      Count(distinct SalesID)

      Maybe there is another way to write a character for ranges of numbers rather than using a $ sign expansion or am I doing something wrong in expression B?