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    apparently simple set analysis failing

    Geoff Blight

      Hello all...


      The following piece of set analysis expression does not produce a value...


      =if ([Academic Year] = ComparatorYear
      Sum({1<[Academic Year]={$(=Only(ComparatorYear))}>} Total_Enrolments))


      Where [Academic Year] (from my data set) and ComparatorYear (selection from listbox) contain text values ('2010/11', '2011/12', '2012/13' etc).


      Now, if I substitute 1 and zero for the two sums, the output confirms that the academic and comparators either match or don’t depending on selections. If I just substitute the second sum with zero, the output is either the sum of targets or zero as expected. But when I include the second sum, neither sums are produced.


      Curiously, this next example works spot on – the difference being that in this case the academic_year_text and comparatorYear2 are in the form 2010, 2011, 2012 etc.


      =if(Academic_year_text = ComparatorYear2
      Sum({1<Academic_year_text={$(=only(ComparatorYear2))}>} Total_Enrolments))


      Can anyone see anything obviously wrong or tell me that I'm doing it the wrong way?