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    Subject discart from statistics


      pls help me - i have a statistics with a list of subjects and their sums of turnovers. Now i need to discart some subject from the list,but i don´t know how. I mean a adjustment is in dimensions with subjects list (enable conditional),but my expression there doesn´t work. Is a location right,or should i adjust expression in expressions card.

      Picture is in the attachment

      thx a lot - i believe thats very simply,but your advice will be faster:-)


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          Vlad Gutkovsky

          "Enable Conditional" does not filter a dimension, but rather decides whether the dimension is displayed at all. You have 3 choices for excluding your value:


          1. Create a flag in the script and use set analysis in the chart expression. So if the value of the OPTIMDODAV.Fir field <> 'whatever' then set the flag to 1, then if you expression is sum(Sales) you would write sum({<Flag={1}>}Sales)
          2. Use set analysis without a flag. Which would look something like sum({<OPTIMDODAV.Fir-={'whatever'}>}Sales). This is not quite as optimized as the first solution since it requires set analysis to go across a text field rather than a numeric field.
          3. Use a calculated dimension. In the Dimensions tab, click "Edit" and change your dimension to if(OPTIMDODAV.Fir<>'whatever',OPTIMDODAV.Fir). You would need to check "Suppress When Value is Null." This is not as optimized since calculated dimensions always slow down chart calculation times.