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    Shared file corruption??

    Anita Fuchten

      We have a *.shared file which gives errors.


      In the QEMC we cannot edit anything for the QlikView report belonging to the shared file ... this gives the error: An exisiting connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. This probably happens because the shared file is read and changed for these actions.


      In the QMC we can edit the QlikView settings, but this doesn't show the Shared objects we are interested in.


      Using the powertools also this Shared file gives problems, e.g. with the Shared Object viewer ...


      I know that throwing away the shared file will solve the problem, but since our users have their daily used user objects in this file we want to try to save this from distruction. We want to try to understand what is wrong with the file.


      The end-users don't feel any problem with the Shared file since their objects are saved correctly.


      Anyone has any clue what could happen here??







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          Bill Britt

          There are a few things that can cause issues and the one I see the most is when the Document folder is on a SANs or NAS.


          I would recommend that you back up the .share files every day. That way if you do have one go bad you have a backup to go to. Once one is bad there isn't a way to recover it.


          When I was training I would tell the Admins to keep an eye on the share file and see what objects the users were creating. If a lot of them were sharing or creating basically the same items then put it in the QVW.



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              Anita Fuchten

              This is the only Shared file with this problem ... I think the problem exists more then a year already.


              Now we want to clean op the shared files (remove objects of users not working here anymore, and remove objects of users who have no access to the qlikview anymore), but for this file this is a problem.


              It seems that the QEMC has a different way of approaching the *.shared file than the QlikView itself and the QMC.





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              Michael Freitas

              This error occurred to me.


              The logs of events windows you could see shared errors and users was displayed the message network connection.


              I understood that .shared corrupted is the effect, not the cause.


              The windows FIREWALL was active, blocking sometime QlikView doors, knocking the session of the users and corrupting the shared files.