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    Edit Multiple Graphs at Once

      I have a set of graphs, a 3x7 set up, each is a single LED traffic light and it is an overview of the overall business. The expressions that go into each graph are, for example,


      sum({<Category={Product1}>}[Sales (Actual)])/sum({<Category={Product1}>}[Sales (Plan)])-1


      I do this for products 1 through 7, then repeat for Sales Actual vs Sales Prior Year and Sales Actual vs Sales Last Period, which gives me a 3x7 matrix of traffic lights. Is there any way that I can type this expression once then clone the graphs and simply mass-edit all of the graphs on the second line to change "Actual" to "Plan" without going in individually and changes each one? This would save me so much time!


      What about, for the same graphs, is it possible to select all of them and change their ranges all at once rather than going in, individually, and changing each one?