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    Selection Behaviour

      Hi All,

           I have some questions on how Qlikview behaves during users making selections on the dashboard.

      Let's say I have the following in the data mode:


      1) Transaction Calendar (Dimension)

           Fields : TxnDate / TxnYear / TxnQuarter / TxnMonth

      2)  Invoice Country (Dimension)

           Fields : Region / Country / Office

      3) Sales and Expenses (FactTable)


      Let say, I am going to make selection now:

      TxnYear = 2012

      TxnQuarter = Q2

      Country = Japan


      Then, i am going to choose TxnMonth = 3 (March). After I made the selection, the selections that I made before were all cleared and the current dashboard only selected TxnMonth = 3, but for Japan, it indeed has transaction made in 2012 March. Why Qlikview cleared out my TxnYear = 2012 as well as Country = Japan? Does Qlikview treat this as a new search?


      Anyone can explain this?


      Many thanks.


      Attached is the sample QVW.