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    License question, missing Document CALs

    Kjetil Kleppe


      we have a total of 90 Document CALs available on server. When summing "Document CALs allocated to this document" for every document on the server, I get 87. However, "Document CALs not allocated on server" says 0. So I wonder why there is a difference between the total of Document CALs and the sum of all the Document CALs allocated? I had expected that "Document CALs not allocated on server" should have been 3. On the system tab, Licenses and QlikView Server, Document CALs assigned says 90. What could explain the difference and how can I get my 3 missing licenses back?
      We do not allow dynamic CAL assignment on any document, we assign access for every user on every document.
      Running QV11 SR2, Small Business Server.

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          Charles Crous



          In my experience it could point to the fact that Document CALs were still tied to a model that was deleted. The easy fix would be to make a copy of an existing model under access point e.g. and rename it to the deleted model, then on QVMC select Socuments>>User Documents>>The deleted model>>Document CALs


          1) delete the licenses

          2) change "Number of CALs" to zero

          3) select apply

          4) delete the old model


          The "Document CALs not allocated on server" number should now include the 3 lost CALs.


          If you can't recall the name of the deleted models, then you might have to go this route:

          Re: missing document cal


          Good Luck,