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    Internal inconsistency Type D


      I have been getting the following error message. I am now systematically blocked for "out of virtual memory".

      Does anyone know the cause of such error message and perhaps a solution ?

      Error message - Internal inconsistency Type D.png


      Thank you very much

      Best regards

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          Gaurav Khare


          you normally get this type of error msg when there are synthetic/loop type formation or maybe there are some problems in linkage of table etc.. Firstly debug you application with performing a limit load of about 10 lines.. then make a copy of your original application and then perform reload of one table at a time wile commenting the rest.. In this way your will land up to the root cause of the link that maybe creating problems..

          I hope this works, have patience

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            Hi djrconsultant,


            I have the same "internal inconsistency, type D" error and the same "out of virtual memory 8MB" you reported.  I assume the virtual memory issue is the reason I am unable to perform test as suggested by gaurav.khare3046.  I can copy a sheet and make changes to properties but can't save changes, else I receive the virtual memory error and QV shuts down.  I've provided png files below.  Were you able to make progress?  Thank you! 


            Kind regards,


            typeDerror.png virtualerror.png

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                Hello Lucianne,


                For Internal Inconsistency Type D Error, check if any of your qvd files is corrupted.

                You can easily do that by trying to load each of the qvd files in your application, individually.

                Once identified, try removing the qvd from your script or having a new qvd prepared.

                Now you can try performing any debug or reload in your application.

                Moreover, it's a bug, which has already been reported (#27071).


                Further, Out of Virtual Memory Error can be due to the fact if your application is consuming more than your dedicated RAM space/Server Configuration.

                Try increasing the RAM space/ having 64 bit Server/ Optimize your application.


                Hope this helps!!!




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                    Hello sayantan_biswas,


                    I am taking your advice and increasing RAM space to 8GB and re-imaging my system to 64-bit (from 4GB, 32-bit).  A cohort in my organization insists this is our problem. 


                    Thank you for taking the time to explain, as if my updated system can't respond appropriately then I'll know to address the bug.


                    Kind regards,


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                  Thank you very much, er.mohit.  I will try again and advise you if the problem occurs again.




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                    Anand Krishna

                    It is certainly memory issue.

                    Try to reduce the fact data if you are working on development.

                    I am sure, you will have better configuration on Server, so when you move the code to server, it will work fine.