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    expression help

      hi all,


      I have a straight table with an expression ..


      IF(iv_fiscal_year = $(vCurrentYearFiscal),$(vTargetSum_Volume))


      i have supress null values ticked on a dimension..




      and i get a total figure on the expression of




      I want this to be displayed in a text box too but when i add the expression into a text box i get a value of




      this is because it is also counting the NULL values too.

      is there a way i can exclude null values in the next box also so i get the correct value of 9182?


      I think all i need to do is combine the 2 expressions above but not sure how..




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          Assuming you are counting/summing up values, you could use Null() function in the expression to eliminate null values. This would even work with the text box.


          It could be something like this


          =count(if(Dimesnion<>'',Value)) or =count(if(Dimesnion<>Null(),Value))


          Is that what you are looking for?





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              no, i think i originally asked the wrong question..


              i want to encorporate the 2 expressions together..


              IF(iv_fiscal_year = $(vCurrentYearFiscal),$(vTargetSum_Volume))




              I have tried



              it_target_type='Volume',iv_fiscal_year = $(vCurrentYearFiscal),$(vTargetSum_Volume))


              but i get the same value as just using the first expression on its own.