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    How to provide an option to make a custom expression selection in tables?



      I'm a week old QlikView user. I already find it very exciting to work with. I'm developing an interface for myself and a whole bunch of other users. I have a question around expressions in tables and charts. Here is a description of my problem:


      Suppose I have created a table where I want to compare the performance of a few products over multiple quarters based on various metrics like gross revenue, net revenue, margin etc. From what I have seen so far I can display the metrics using Chart Properties >> Expressions and Add. Is there a way in QlikView where I can define and add all these expressions up front and then give an option to the end user to perhaps drag and drop the specific metric they want to view? For example, I have expressions defined for Gross Revenue, Net Revenue and Margins. First I want to look at Gross Revenue and then I want to drop out Gross Revenue and drop in Gross Margin. Is there a way to do something like this? Even if not drag and drop can I have a listbox or drop down which will allow me to display and select the specific metric I want to see?


      Please help me with this question.