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    Working with SAP and TCURR

      Hi all,
      I'm very new to QlikView so appologies for being dumb... but I am struggling to find the best way (or any way!) of calculating figures based on current rates that are maintained in SAP.
      I have the contents of table TCURR available which contains:-
      And I have a main billing facts table which has many fields but an example is below:-
      My question is... in QlikView world how can I join this data?  In BW it is all handled at query runtime by SAP, but I know that I need to somehow replicate that in QlikView but I'm unsure how.
      What I need is for the users to be able to select a target currency (USD) and rate type and convert all NetRevenue values at that rate as per TCURR table.
      Any hints and tips will be very much appreciated!
      Thanks in advance.