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    Governance Dashboard on external Shared Storage

    Bill Markham



      We run a QlikView 11SR2, 11.0.11414.0, Cluster with resilient external Shared Storage for all the QV system data, QVW's, QVD's etc...


      Currently we have the QlikView Governance Dashboard Beta 1.0. installed and working on a single node of the Cluster in folder C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Governance_1.0Beta as recommended in document QlikView Governance Dashboard Beta - Pre-Installation Notes http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3546.


      I'd like to place it on the external Shared Storage via a unc path, benefit from the resilience against node failure that will provide.


      Is there any reason not to do so, or any pitfalls to beware ?



      Best Regards, Bill Markham

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Bill - here are some thoughts.


          QlikView Governance Dashboard (qvw) uses file paths, QlikView script and its QlikView Expressor engine to access scan an extract from a variety of QlikView related files - (QVDs, QVXs, QVWs and logs). If installed on a shared storage device and the files are accessed via UNC it may cause some performance related problems depending on where the files are and how big they are when attempting to scan an extract the metadata from them.


          There is also a known issue where if using UNC - you must have a sub-folder appended to the share when configured in the QlikView Governance Dashboard.

          So for example if your share folder name is folder1 pointing to c:\QVDocuments\sub-folder1
          then \\machine\folder1 - will not work for the QlikView Governance Dashboard configuration.


          Make sure the UNC share is mapped for example to c:\QVDocuments and then when you use it in the QlikView Governance Dashboard - it is used as \\machinename\sharename\sub-folder1


          Please post back here to let us know what you found and how you did.



          Mike T

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              Göran Sander

              I just installed Governance Dashboard 1.0 (=GD), and the UNC issue is still there. Seems it can be fixed, as noted buy Michael, by sharing a folder higher in the directory hierarcy (on the server/disk where the the logs reside), and then referring that directory from GD's config tab.


              Also, scanning large files over the network is a bad-bad-bad idea, in my experience. Having tried a full scan of many 10s (probably 100+ GByte, actually..) of GByte of QVWs and QVDs, it just isn't practical. After watching lots of network traffic passing in the process monitor, it was time to cancel the experiment and go for a local installation on the server where the QVW/QVDs reside.

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                  Tyler Waterfall

                  Hello Goran,

                  I'm glad you are working with the 1.0 GA Dashboard.

                  The workaround is still there for UNC root folders, as you've described and as noted in the Release Notes (GOV-122).


                  Concerning the delay in scanning large files over the network, I agree that trying to read large files over the network with any tool is not optimal, so a local install might be better.  However, if you have large log files - namely years and years of session logs - that will take longer to scan.  If this is the case, you might consider paring down your log files (save copies first!) or just keep more recent (and relevant) sessions history logs in the QlikViewServer folder.

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                  Tyler Waterfall



                  If you run into the UNC root folder error, try using the following:



                  where e represents the specific drive letter on the server (servername) where your target folder (sharedfoldername) resides.