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    calculate days between two dates

    ali ceyli

        Hello ,

      I have a dimension called weekstart as you see below in list

      I want to calculate how many days there are between the first dayof weekstart and creation date

      I just wrote the expression min(date(WeekStart(ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2),'DD.MM.YYYY'))-date(ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2,'DD.MM.YYYY') ti

      Creation date =ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2


      Actually I want to calculate whether gap between  the first dayof weekstart and creation date is more than 30 days or much

      It means weekstart-creation date >=30



      IDCreation Dateweekstart
      107.10.2011 11:43.4405.11.2012
      201.10.2012 15:53.5512.11.2012
      308.11.2012 15:55.5219.11.2012