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    Percentage formatting

      Hello everybody,


      I have a question about percentage formatting in a gauge chart.


      I have this calculation:


      =sum({$<Dato.aar={$(=$(vCurrentYear))}>} Beløb) / sum({$<Dato.aar={$(=$(vPreviousYear))}>} Beløb)


      The calculation is fine enough, but when i have for an example: 15899 / 8 - It will give me 1986,15 or something. But when i want my gauge chart to show numbers in percentage it makes my number to 198.615% instead


      I know its because when i set my number to percentage it automatically multiplies with 100.


      But how can i do so it wont affect my calculation ?


      Hope you know what i mean.


      Ived also tried this:


      =num(sum({$<Dato.aar={$(=$(vCurrentYear))}>} Beløb) / sum({$<Dato.aar={$(=$(vPreviousYear))}>} Beløb), '#.##0%')


      Thanks in advanced