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    alternate state

    steve peroni


      I've two listbox for the same field , SALES_YEAR, with different state:


      SALES_YEAR   associated to state 1

      SALES_YEAR   normal list box without state declaration


      Than, I've a pivot that should change on selection made by the SALES_YEAR  state 1, but the pivot always take in consideration the selections made by

      the other list box SALES_YEAR without state. The pivot has state 1. Into my expressions, I'm using  sum(  <set analisys....  =only(getfieldselections(SALES_YEAR).... 

      MAy I specify into the expression the state also , like   .....=only(getfieldselections(STATE.SALES_YEAR)  ?


      In my mind I was convinced that all the controls with a different state should be disconnected from the rest (without state), but it seems not true, or

      for sure, I'm making some mistake. Does anyone put me on the right track ?


      Thanks in advance