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    expression for 2 years

    ali ceyli

      Hello ,

      I have data for 2 years ı would like to create chart based on weekly

      For each week I want to see the data includes specific condition

      These conditions are that for each week how many requests there are statu is 'Open' and

      other condition is that for each week how many counts there are statu is open older than 30 days or much

      for example today : 21.11.2012

      I have 200 request 100 of 200 statu is open .

      and 60 of 100 statu is open longer than 30 days


      next week(28.11.2012) ıt may be 80 counts is open

      accoridng to this week maybe 50 of 80 statu is still open longer than 30 days


      How can I solve this.