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    copy paste bug?



      Just a general question....

      Is there something wrong with the copy-paste (ctrl+c , ctrl+v) in qlikview desktop?

      I have to do it like thousand times of ctrl+c , before i can ctrl+v my script, mainly scripts or expression, objects is fine.


      Or is it something wrong with my machine.


      Just want to comfirm, because it's super annoying.



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          Anand Chouhan

          What type of problem you are facing if you copy any object please check its properties in Layout tab specially in Options.





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              Hi Anand,


              I'm on V11SR1,


              Everytime when i try to copy an expression or script, i paste with "empty".

              Then i had to go back to the expression again, i will do a few copy action, or i simply hold the ctrl+c for few sec, and paste again, to have the thing pasted.


              i saw similar article about this somewhere, but i couldnt find it anymore.

              so if someone saw similar post, please share.