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    wrong aggr sum

    Dmitry Lapchenkov



      i have data table and exprasion :




      this table is good and all data has right grouping



      but when i try to sum my aggragated data like this:




      it dosent work


      please need help


      sea atachments

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          If you do a sum(distinct Quantity_in_deliver) you'll get the total you want.

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              Dmitry Lapchenkov



              i have table with data from 2 different types of document


              if you look exel file on goog_5:


              Invoice has onli 2 rows from good_5: good_5 with 2,265  and good_5 with 2,84. Sum Quantity_in_invoice =

              2,265 + 2,84 = 5.105

              and the same position in document has 3 rows: 5 with 0,006 and good_5 with 2,265 and good_5 with 2,834 Sum Quantity_in_deliver = 0,006 2,265 + 2,834 = 5.105


              Left join 2 documents give me 6 rows

              and when i use aggr(sum(Quantity_in_deliver),Affilietedid,goodsid,amount_in_invoice) it give me right grouping


              if i use sum(distinct Quantity_in_deliver) sum by Customer_A became = 43.79 when right sumis 43.8


              I see problem with data and think what if a can put all rows from aggr(sum(Quantity_in_deliver),Affilietedid,goodsid,amount_in_invoice) into temp dimention and then sum all elements


              is it posseble?