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    expression historic data

    ali ceyli

      Hello ,

      I would like to show historic data in chart

      Let me explain in example;

      In my chart I have one dimension and two expressions

      My dimension is calculated and its formaula is date(WeekStart(ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2),'DD.MM.YYYY')

      One of my expression is that it considers two fields (ISTEK_DURUM)(this is request statu such as open,closed) and (ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2)(this is creation date of request)

      With this expression I want to see request that ISTEK_DURUM=''Açık' and creation time older than 30 days before (my dimension displays each start day of week)


      I can calculate the expression based on today with this formula

      =count((if(date(today())-date(ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2,'DD.MM.YYYY')>=30 and ISTEK_DURUM='Açık',1)))


      but for each week ı can not calculate it means based on week ,shown in graph, I cannot get data older than days before that week

      what ı want is that

      its not working count((if(date(WeekStart(ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2),'DD.MM.YYYY')-date(ISTEK_ACISTARIHI2,'DD.MM.YYYY')>=30 and ISTEK_DURUM='Açık',1)))


      You can see my qw in turuncu hat istekler tab