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    Duplicated Document CALS in PGO file

    andy whitfield

      I wonder if anyone can help with an explanation for this issue.


      We have a client with over 20 different dashboards, they have 400 Document Cals and had allocated approx 250 between the files, so they have 150 document CALS not allocated, so far so good.


      They recently noticed that the Document tab ws not avaialble on certains dashboards, investigation revealed 0 document CALS where available


      Indeed where the  Document CALS tab (where visible) it showed Document CALS not allocated on Server:0.


      We advised then to add the line:


      [Settings 7]



      To the settings.ini and restart the services, the subsequent .xml version of the pgo showed there were acutally duplicated entries for 10 of the dashoards, which exhausted the pool of cals.


      To remedy the issue, all Allocated Docment CALS has to be reset back to 0 and then allocated again, this has now freed up the missing 150 CALS.


      So the question now being posed is why and how did this happen, and how do we stop it from happening again?


      Any help would be very gratefully recieved


      Thank in advance.