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    QlikView session license limits in a global/multi server environment?

      Hi all, I’m after some advice. 


      We have recently moved to a session based model on our QlikView servers and are experiencing some issues with licence management that I’d be interested in your thoughts on. So say I have 5 production QV environments (independent… not clustered) and I have 100 session based user licenses.


      All the servers are in different time zones or providing a dashboard where concurrent users stay pretty low between environments. 


      What I’d of course like to do is have 100 session licences available on all 5 servers (QlikView providing the licenses to do this) BUT I need to limit the overall concurrent active usage to 100 at any one time across all 5 production environments.  If I don’t I go to jail and QV collect £200.


      I have a licence monitoring dashboard so can see usage once it has happened – but ideally I need a way to stop the overall consumption without simply putting only 20 sessions on each of the environments (as this rather kills the point of concurrent licensing!) So far thoughts include;


      • Monitor usage across the environments and if a threshold close to the max is hit drop swap in restricted LEF files.

      • Allocate a pot of document CALS across all the machines and enable auto allocation (somehow!) when a threshold is close.


      What you guys think?

      Any idea’s?