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    CAL's Question related to development

    m m

      I need some answer to clarify few things.



      1. in past QlikView had special license for development. however that has changed now. Can you please explain how. Can those old QVE developer license be used in latest qlikview like 10 or 11.
      2. Can those old QVE development license becomes automatic named license in current qlikview. (example version 11)
      3. Can Named cal license key be used for individual machine for development (locally license each machine). Or does it need to be leased from server (hence required connection to the server) in client server environment.
      4. Can Session cal license be used for development.





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          Fernando Obara Suzuki

          QV's licensing since v9 require a mandatory QV Server. The acquired CALs are "stored" in the Server and users must lease the license from there. If you are developing in QV Desktop, you can only use a Named CAL leased from the Server.


          As far as I know, you'll not be able to use the pre-v9 dev license in v9 or above.

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            Dave Denscombe

            There are two choices to "unlock" the Personal edition of QlikView Desktop to be the full edition:


            1.) Lease a Named CAL off a Production QlikView Server.  The same Named CAL can also be used for accessing documents too which makes it better value for money.  You can lease a Named CAL to 2 computers running Desktop.


            2.) Purchase a Local Client licence and enter the code in locally just like you used to in earlier QlikView versions.  I could be wrong as I don't know earlier version naming that well but I believe a legacy QVE licence to be the same thing.


            You cannot use Document or Session CALs nor can you use a Test edition server.

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              Bill Britt

              Contact your account manager, they would be the best source for this information.