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    Expression for Static Max with cyclic dimensions



      So, I'm in over my head and spending way too much time on something that seems so minor, that I'm going to toss it out to the community for some help.


      I have a bar chart with the following calc as the expression:


      The calc gives the % of defects falling in a given phase for a Line of Business, Sub Line of Business, Project Type, or Specific Release (based on the cyclic drill down). We have a few filters on the page for time period and related to the drill down. (The 2 dimensions are Business Level(cyclic drill down) and Defect Phase)


      My goal is to have the axes locked at the smaller of 100% or the highest % displayed for a phase+10%. So, if we have something where the defects are evenly distributed at 20% across out five phases, it comes maxes out at 30%. If all defects are in one phase, it'd max out at 100%.So, in the image attached, I'd want the chart to max out at 43.5%.


      I've tried plugging my calcs in to some functions I've found on the discussion board, but none seem to work. I've tried rangemin & rangemax, but can't seem to figure out how to properly place my function in there so that it recognizes the filers & drilldown level.


      Thanks for any help yo umay be able to provide with this.