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      Hi All,


      I am using


      Intel i5 2450 GHz

      RAM 6 GB

      HD 500 GB

      QV 64bit Personal Edition

      Ms Excel 32 bit


      I loaded one excel file with 29 columns and one million rows with no program running except Qlikview. It takes 9-10 minutes. Is it OKK to take so much time in loading/relaoding!!!!???


      Please advise.


      Thanks in advance!




        • Re: Scalabilty
          Johannes Sunden

          Since you mention the Excel version I assume you're loading the data from Excel?

          Speeds vary of course depending on the type of data source, connection quality and location. You could also look at incremental loading which should reduce your times drastically since I'm assuming you wouldn't load the whole dataset from source every time?