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    Sleep command & QlikView engine

    Muralidhar Koti

      Hi All,


      The QlikView dashbaord that we have built is sourcing data from a data warehouse. The refresh of the data warehouse completes anytime between 6am to 9am. Once the refresh is over it updates a flag in one of the table with the refresh complte date time stamp (initially this falg will be NULL). At time this refresh job may take longer and finish any time after 9am.


      The requirement for QlikView is to trigger the QlikView dashbaord refresh as soon as the data warehouse refresh is complete (based on the flag). For this we have built a QVW which has a SLEEP command to keep checking the flag for every 15 mins. Once we find a date in that field, it triggers the main QVW refresh.


      This solution is meeting business requirement, but I suspect for this duration (around 4+ hrs), one QlikView engine will be allocated to this (please correct if my understanding is wrong). Thus we are running short of QlikView engines to refresh other dashbaords.


      Is there any other alternatives available to meet the desired business requirement?